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ZAGG (Glass Elite Privacy 360) Protector for Apple iPhone 13 mini

ZAGG (Glass Elite Privacy 360) Protector for Apple iPhone 13 mini

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  • 360-Degree Privacy Technology: Featuring advanced privacy technology, this protector ensures that your on-screen content is visible only to you, providing a full 360-degree privacy shield. Protect your sensitive information from prying eyes, especially in crowded or public spaces.

  • Glass Elite Construction: Crafted with ZAGG's renowned Glass Elite technology, the protector provides maximum strength and shatter resistance. Enjoy crystal-clear clarity while knowing your iPhone 13 mini's screen is shielded against scratches, impacts, and accidental drops.

  • Oil-Resistant Surface: The protector incorporates an oil-resistant surface that repels fingerprints and smudges, keeping your screen clean and maintaining a smooth, responsive touch experience.

  • Precision Fit: Designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 13 mini, this protector offers a precise fit with easy installation. The slim profile ensures compatibility with most cases while maintaining a sleek and seamless appearance.

  • Smooth Touch Sensitivity: Experience the natural touch sensitivity of your iPhone 13 mini with this protector. The ultra-smooth surface allows for precise gestures and effortless navigation.

  • Enhanced Durability: With reinforced edges and top-tier materials, the Glass Elite Privacy 360 Protector ensures long-lasting durability, effectively guarding your device's screen against the rigors of daily use.

  • Easy Application: The application process is straightforward, thanks to the included alignment tool and adhesive technology that eliminates bubbles and ensures a bubble-free, secure fit.

  • Maintains Screen Brightness: Enjoy the vibrant colors and brightness of your iPhone 13 mini's display without compromise. The protector is engineered to preserve the original screen quality without sacrificing visibility.

  • Peace of Mind: With ZAGG's reputation for quality and durability, this Glass Elite Privacy 360 Protector provides peace of mind, ensuring your iPhone 13 mini remains protected, private, and in pristine condition.

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